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"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"
John Keats (1795-1821)

Islamic Artisan - Why buy from us?

1. Exceptional quality Islamic art, hand finished!

2. Beautifully crafted Arabic calligraphy

3. High quality materials

4. 100% Money Back Guarantee

5. Supporting Charities - a proportion of our profits go to charity

6. Unique Islamic gifts

7. FREE UK delivery

8.  Ethically produced


Boutique Islamic Gifts

Crafted to the highest standards yet lovingly hand finished.  

The nature of real wood makes each Islamic art piece unique. The grain and texture of real veneer wood often creates a striking effect upon each art piece adding to its individuality and distinctiveness.

We have a highly selective range of Islamic gifts which make for beautiful Wedding and Eid gifts. 

Arabic Calligraphy of Distinction

Arabic calligraphy which is also commonly referred to as Islamic Calligraphy, is an art form in itself.  Browse our collection of Kufic and Thuluth style Islamic calligraphy art pieces.  Our broad range of Arabic calligraphy includes Ayatul Kursi (aka Ayat Kursi), SubhanAllah and Sura Al Ikhlas wall frames and shelf mounts.

The layered designs create an impressive 3-dimensional effect, which make each calligraphy more detailed and striking.

Beautifully Crafted Art providing Enduring Pleasure

Enjoyed in the home or in the office or given as a gift, each art piece provides enduring pleasure and beauty to its surroundings and encourages a more frequent contemplation of the Devine.

The variety of different Bismillah (aka Basmillah) wall frames, Ayatul kursi (aka Ayat kursi), SubhanAllah and the Declaration of Faith picture frames are amongst some of the most outstanding Arabic calligraphy art pieces we have to choose from.

Caring for Humanity and the Planet

5% of our profits are given to charities that support orphan projects and the education of girls and boys around the world. 

All our art pieces are made from the finest wood veneer acquired only from sustainable sources. 

Unique Islamic Art

Our Islamic Art pieces have been carefully selected for their craftsmanship, beauty and quality.  Each Islamic Art wall frame goes through many design iterations before being finalised upon and ultimately painstakingly hand finished.  

Many pieces in our Islamic art collection can be either hung on the wall as Islamic wall art or placed on a table or a shelf to act as a stunning feature in any room.  Our Islamic art collection provides beauty and gravitas to any setting.

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"Purchasing from Islamic Artisan has been an incredible experience. The customer service was extremely helpful in facilitating my order. Upon inquiring about the possibility of shipping my order outside of the U.K. they were more than happy to set up an international shipping option for me specifically. The order arrived in a very timely manner and the quality of my purchases was top notch. I ordered the wooden veneer bookmarks and the recipient really loved them. I'd definitely recommend this company to everyone and look forward to purchasing more from them in the future."


"I love the way that it’s so unique and beautiful to look at it. There is nothing else like it on the market."


"Very beautifully crafted designs Masha’Allah! They will make perfect gifts."


"Great customer service – having ordered one of the art piece picture frames, I was delighted to receive my parcel the very next day."


"Absolutely breathtaking! I was so amazed at the craftsmanship and intricacy. Never seen this level of beauty before!! MashaAllah!"


"For those wanting to invest in some of the beautiful Islamic Art that was at the back of the conference hall [remember that] – ‘Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty’ and as The Creator He has infused in His creation the love for and appreciation of beauty. It is also a reminder to us all of who we are and how our hearts and minds should be moved by the artistic hands of those who reflect that beauty in their crafts."


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