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I ordered a gift set for a friend of mine for Eid and it was the perfect Eid surprise, especially since his town has a very small community. He loved the gift and told me how beautiful it was, twice. The service was incredible and I had no issues when I asked for international delivery to the US. They did everything so that the gift was received in a timely manner. Thank you Islamic Artisan, your products are perfect for anyone who appreciates modern islamic art.

Purchasing from Islamic Artisan has been an incredible experience. The customer service was extremely helpful in facilitating my order. Upon inquiring about the possibility of shipping my order outside of the U.K. they were more than happy to set up an international shipping option for me specifically. The order arrived in a very timely manner and the quality of my purchases was top notch. I ordered the wooden veneer bookmarks and the recipient really loved them. I’d definitely recommend this company to everyone and look forward to purchasing more from them in the future.

I have previously purchased the islamic frame for myself and I loved it so much that I bought another as a gift-the colours and the details are very nice and delicate. It is a wonderful islamic gift for friends and family. Would definitely recommend this!
— A.A., Teacher, Hornchurch

These are really beautiful gifts! The geometric art pieces have such a universal appeal.
— P.M., Mother, London

I love the intricate design on the matching memo pad, business card and pen holder, timeless designs which never go out of style! Each time I look at them it makes me think what an excellent investment they were.
— S. M., Pharmacist, London

The moment I saw these beautiful works of art, I was immediately struck by the quality of the wood and how they felt in my hands. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money as they were slightly higher in price than I had considered spending at the time. However, the incredible calligraphy artwork now adorns the walls of my home and every single day that I walk past them I am filled with a sense of joy. They are not just stunning works of art, but also a reminder of my deep faith as they are a constant reminder to me of my gratitude to my Creator for the many wonderful gifts I have in my life.
— Dr. I. K., Entrepreneur, London

I purchased a desk set for my husband for his birthday and he absolutely loves it and we have since bought many more for other family members.
— K. A., Housewife, Birmingham

Coming from a large family, it is often difficult to know what to buy as gifts for everybody. However, I was really inspired when I saw the bookmarks and thought these would be a perfect present to give to my nephews and nieces. I am delighted to say they loved them too!
— V. A., Lawyer, Manchester

Absolutely stunning! I received a notebook and desk set for Eid and really loved the quality of them both. I was pleasantly surprised to find a matching bookmark also inside the notebook that felt like receiving an extra gift!
— A. K., Life Coach, London

As a writer, I am always looking for unusual and exceptionally good quality notebooks to pen my thoughts. The moment I saw these beautiful notebooks, I knew I had to have one. They now contain many of my finest musings which one day may even turn into an award-winning best seller!
— P. M., Writer, Kings Langley

Great customer service – having ordered one of the art piece picture frames, I was delighted to receive my parcel the very next day.
— Z. K., Architect, Edinburgh

These products are like something I have never seen before! They are beautiful and are something that the Muslim community will really appreciate!
— M. C., Graduate Trainee, Birmingham

— S. S., Teacher, Leeds

Very beautifully crafted designs masha’Allah! They will make perfect gifts.
— S. A., Sales Manager, Bradford

They look really beautiful, these would make great wedding presents and moving home gifts.
— B. A., CEO, Leicester

Alhumdulillah beautiful and unique frames, books and bookmarks with intricate woodwork which makes it an ideal gift for loved ones! Friendly customer services. Well done.
— F. A., Charity Worker, Oxford

Really high quality and aesthetically pleasing artwork masha Allah
— A. M., Physicist, Luton

Representing the beauty of Islam through your products thank you for a great job. Exquisite!
— H. Z., Pharmacist, Oxford

Lovely products. I bought a couple of the Arabic Calligraphies for my parents as I know they really appreciate quality and craftsmanship, I’m sure they will love these.
— S. S., Dentist, Reading

Wonderful, unique products!
— U. S., Civil Engineer, London

Sleek and stylish.
— M. N., Photographer, Glasgow

These products are all beautiful and all very unique
— R. H., Social Worker, Birmingham

Unique designs with outstanding quality!
— L. A., Accountant, London

Very beautiful artwork. Will buy again inshallah.
— M. B., GP, Watford

I love the way that it’s so unique and beautiful to look at it. There is nothing else like it on the market.
— Z. S-G., Solicitor, London

Very unique and beautiful pieces
— N. S., Retailer, Manchester

Beautiful. Art, love and Eco spirituality combined!
— U. H., Researcher, London

Fantastic Products. Super quality. Be inspired by quality workmanship.
— I. A., Accountant, Huddersfield

Very beautiful, exquisite and unique collection!
— T. D., Headteacher, Warwick

Beautifully crafted. Really like the fact that it is ethically sourced. This is important to me.
— N. A., Housewife, Bristol

Very innovative and we especially liked the intricate designs. ;-)
— A. K., Banker, London

Absolutely fantastic, really unique and beautiful. May Allah grant you success in your business. Ameen.
— F. A., Postgraduate, Southampton

Absolutely breathtaking! I was so amazed at the craftsmanship and intricacy. Never seen this level of beauty before!! MashaAllah!
— S. U., Surgeon, Leeds

High quality product with elegant Islamic design, great stuff and much needed.
— S. A., Dentist, Aberdeen

Excellent products just what I’ve been looking for. Amazing designs and quality.
— O. S., IT Manager, Lichfield

Beautiful and unique craftsmanship. Inspiring and wonderful to have in a Muslim home.
— A. H., Store Manager, Watford

Such beautiful pieces, and amazing craftsmanship
— N. U., Industrial Chemist, Basingstoke

Amazing products love the designs!
— S. H., Primary Teacher, Birmingham

Unique, ethical and eye catching.
— S. R., Entrepreneur, Glasgow

Fantastic innovative and stylish artwork.
— S. W., Medical Student, Birmingham

Masha’Allah love the details and the finish on all the different products.
— Z. A., Mechanic, Stevenage

Beautiful do not give up on the dream
— K. I., Magazine Editor, London

Beautiful craftsmanship.
— A. A., Journalist, Stratford-upon-Avon

Very unique and beautiful products. I’d vote 10 out of 10 if I could.
— S. D., Electronic Engineer, Brighton

Very beautiful and unique, masha’Allah
— S. Z., Nurse, Salford

MashaAllah beautifully crafted items.
— S. A., Psychologist, Norwich

Beautiful and unique!
— D. K., Primary Teacher, Lincoln

Very original.
— M. A., Developer, Sheffield

— T. A., Student, Nottingham

Beautiful work, great quality finish, unique, sustainable and all at an excellent price!
— A. H., Midwife, Liverpool

Very beautiful products mashaAllah!
— S. M., Printer, Leeds

Unique and worth every penny.
— O. S., Interior Designer, Nottingham

Great products!
— E. M., Osteopath, London

Very unique and beautiful pieces. I am impressed by the fine craftsmanship.
— S. A., GP, Wakefield

The products are very intricately designed and unique. We love the craftsmanship and the presentation. A very beautiful gift for yourself or others.
— A. N., Housewife, London

Lovely and intricate work!
— S. A., Radiologist, Manchester

Just to let you know my order has been delivered very quickly. I’m very happy with it and think it’s a beautiful product, perfect as a gift for my friends.
I found your website through Google when searching for Islamic art shops.
I’m very impressed by your customer service and prompt delivery.
— S. B., Teacher, London

I would just like to say a heartfelt thank you for such a fantastic product! The Customer Service provided has been to a very high standard and the team was so efficient in dealing with my exchange. Thank you once again and I wish Islamic Artisan great success!
— F. P., Consultant, London
For those wanting to invest in some of the beautiful Islamic Art that was at the back of the conference hall [remember that] – ‘Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty’ and as The Creator He has infused in His creation the love for and appreciation of beauty. It is also a reminder to us all of who we are and how our hearts and minds should be moved by the artistic hands of those who reflect that beauty in their crafts.